The company Logotronic

Logotronic is specialized in measuring systems for environmental parameters. We offer reliable solutions for various measurement applications. From hydrometric monitoring stations such as water level gauging stations, to water quality monitoring, to complex automatic weather stations (AWS) according to WMO standards. Our work starts with possible planning tasks, continues with the selection of a perfect sensor configuration, data acquisition and data transmission components on the measuring station level and ends with the central database with visualization of the acquired measured values in the World Wide Web. We deliver the measuring stations, install them, put them into operation and, if you wish, also take care of the maintenance.

In the field of research and development, Logotronic is continuously involved in research projects and provides advice and support in the metrological implementation of various research tasks. The family of GEALOG products is developed and manufactured in-house at Logotronic. The further development and new development of these devices is our daily task. In addition to our own products, products from Solinst and EUREKA complement our product portfolio.

Our many years of experience in environmental monitoring have provided us with comprehensive know-how on the various measurement methods and sensors. As a system integrator, we use carefully selected third-party sensors. Membership and cooperation with HMEI (Association of Hydro-Meteorological Equipment Industrie) enables us to maintain constant contact and exchange with international organizations and companies in the field of meteorology and hydrology.

Logotronic is an Austrian private company and was founded in 1982. Through many international contacts, Logotronic is firmly integrated into the global hydrometeorological community.


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