Solinst water level measurements

With Solinst we found a new partner which supplies us with water level meters. Solinst Canada Ltd. has been manufacturing high quality groundwater instrumentation since 1980. Behind the full range of Solinst high quality groundwater monitoring instruments is the cumulative expertise of experienced hydrogeologists, geotechnical engineers, manufacturing & electronic professionals and technicians. Solinst is dedicated to the manufacture of high quality instruments that are designed for accuracy, ease-of-use and to give reliable results over the long-term.

Model 107 TLC

The Model 107 TLC Meter is ideal for profiling conductivity and temperature in wells and open water, for salt-water intrusion studies, and a general indication of contamination levels. The 3/4″ (19 mm) diameter probe is attached to Solinst PVDF flat tape; accurately laser marked every 1/100 ft or each millimeter. Lengths up to 1000 ft or 300 m, mounted on a Solinst reel.
Furthermore you can purchase the whole product range auf Solinst, you can find more information in our Cataloge or on the Solinst website.