Black Box for the transfer of measuring data to a network centre via the mobile radio network.


The Gealog ftp Module is a snap-on module for DIN-rail mounting and 12V battery operation.It has a Gealog RS485-Fieldbus interface for connecting Gealog sensors or Gealog Measuring Interfaces. Because of this modular concept the Gealog ftp-module can be operated with various sensors. Additionally the Gealog ftp-Module has a serial interface for connecting the Gealog GSM/GPRS Modem. A configurable set of parameters defines the data recording and data transmission procedures. The internal data memory acts as a buffer for the recorded data during two data transfers to the central station and during gaps in the availability of the mobile radio connection.
The Gealog ftp is a simple and cost effective solution for transferring measured data to a central database. As database and visualization solution in the network-centre we recommend our database-application “GealogNET”. Data can be transferred to the network centre in different data formats. There are also simple converters available for importing the transferred data into other existing database applications.

In normal cases the Gealog ftp-Module with its additional components (modem, battery, …)  is built into a small, robust stainless steel box. (see product image) It has the dimensions of only 300mm x 150mm x 80mm. Up to 2 Gealog Measuring Interfaces fit into this enclosure. The design of the enclosure allows mounting directly to the pipe of the groundwater measuring station or wall mounting in a measuring station hut. The high-grade antenna guarantees an optimal mobile-radio connection. Of course the Gealog ftp-components can be mounted into any electronic enclosure , also in different configurations (i.e. with solar power supply instead of battery-pack) and therefore can be adapted optimally to any measurement application. With the Gealog ftp components we have supplied automatic stations for i.e. groundwater monitoring,  surface water level monitoring, road weather, water quality together with multiparameter probes, etc.

Gealog ftp operates at extremely low power consumption. One battery pack (Li-batteries) is good for a one-year operation of a Gealog ftp with water level/water temperature sensor and conductivity sensor and one data transfer to the central station per day..

Examples for Gealog ftp-configurations:

  • Gealog ftp Water Level/Temperature: Gealog ftp with Gealog Water Level Sensor
  • Gealog ftp Water Level/Conductivity/Temperature: Gealog ftp with Gealog Water Level Sensor and TetraCon325 conductivity sensor
    By application of the high precision conductivity sensor TetraCon325 Gealog ftp achives laboratory precision for the conductivity measurement. The measuring range for conductivity can be adjusted to the measurement application, what significantly enhances the measurement precision and resolution.
    Example: Measurement of carstic waters, expected measuring value in the range from 300 to 500 uS/cm –> Resolution 0.3 uS/cm
  • Gealog ftp pH/Redox/Temperature: Gealog ftp with digital pH/Redox-Sensor
  • Gealog ftp Precipitation: Gealog ftp with i.e. tipping bucket rain sensor

Technische Daten/Technical data

  • Parameter setting: By USB-cable and terminal emulation software. No special software necessary. All parameters can be adjusted by a simple, easy to use menu. Normally the parameters are factory-pre-adjusted.
  • Access protected by user name and password
  • Sensor interfaces:
    Gealog RS485-Fieldbus for connection of the Gealog Water Level Sensor (measurement of water level, depth to water or water pressure) or of Gealog Measuring Interfaces. This allows the connection of a wide variety of different sensors.
  • Integrated calibration routine for water level and conductivity sensors.
  • Measurement program: Storage rate configurable in steps of 1 minute from 2 min to 1440 min (24h)
  • Internal data memory
  • Alarming: Alarms by SMS, up to 2 SMS targets
  • Data transfer: via mobile radio networks, SIM card can be optionally supplied
  • Data transfer to freely definable ftp-server. Data storage on ftp-server in XML-format.
  • Data transfer interval: from 5 min up to multiple days.
  • Internal clock
  • Clock synchronization: manually or automatically by NTP-time server
  • Power supply: 12 V DC, non rechargeable Alkali- or Li-batteries, also other power sources possible (i.e. solar), battery lifetime up to 1 year for data transfer periods of 1 time per day
  • Environmental conditions / mechanical data:
    • Operating temperature -30 °C bis +60 °C
    • Dimensions of standard enclosure: 300mmx150mmx80mm
    • Enclosure made from stainless steel
    • Protection: IP66, protected against spraying water

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