GEALOG micro

Autonomous, battery driven datalogger for water level and temperature


The datalogger GEALOG micro is especially suited for all applications requiring high reliable registration of water level and water temperature made under very harsh environmental conditions. It is installed into ground water pipes with diameters from 2 inch onward. The water level is measured by a high precision pressure sensor, the water temperature by an integrated temperature sensor. Atmospheric air pressure variations are compensated by a capillary tube inside the sensor cable.The complete data logger electronics is installed in the submersible, watertight housing.
The GEALOG micro is powered by internal batteries, which guarantee the operation up to 10 years (depending on measuring rate) without changing batteries. Batteries can be factory-replaced. For configuration and data-readout the software-tool “Gealog for Windows” is used. The GEALOG micro can be easily fixed into groundwater pipes by optionally supplied mounting units .

technische Daten/Technical data

  • Measuring parameter: water level
    • Sensor element: piezoresistive pressure cell
    • Temperature compensated
    • Sensor membrane: stainless steel
    • Relative pressure measurement with pressure compensation capillary in the sensor cable
    • Measuring ranges: 0 – 70cm, 0 – 10m, 0 -30m, 0 -70m
    • Numerical resolution: 12 bit (4096 steps)
    • Linearity error: +/-0,1% full scale
    • Measuring uncertainty: 0,1%
    • Long term drift: max. 0,1% per year
    • Permitted overpressure: 3 x measuring range or 8 bar
  • Water temperature
    • Sensor element: NTC-thermistor
    • Measuring range: -5°C to 45°C
    • Measuring uncertainty: 0,2°C

Download Datenblatt/Download datasheet

Datasheet Gealog micro: Certificate_Datalogger_Gealog_micro

Produktvarianten/Product variants

  • Gealog micro 70cm: Measuring range 0 – 70cm
  • Gealog micro 10m: Measuring range 0 – 10m
  • Gealog micro 30m: Measuring range 0 – 30m
  • Gealog micro 70m: Measuring range 0 – 70m

The length if the sensor cable can be freely specified on order.

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