Datenlogger Gealog SG mit Grafikdisplay


The GEALOG SG datalogger was especially designed for application in hydrometeorological measuring stations. Low power consumption and intelligent power management enables the use of solar power supply also for complex stations with on-line telemetry. The wide operating temperature range allows the operation during all seasons also at extreme locations.
Many innovative functionalities make the operation and maintenance easy and provide also maximum data availability. For example the manual readout of the data-memory at-site needs no special readout unit or notebook-PC but can be done by a standard USB-memory stick only.
GEALOG SG is using a high sophisticated internal quality control system. GEALOG SG assigns a quality-tag to each measuring value. This quality-tag is computed by standardized quality criteria, but also by freely definable user-made quality-checks. Due to this strict quality control system Gealog SG frequently detects sensor errors at a time where the error cannot be seen in the measuring values itself.

GEALOG SG is the perfect bridge between sensors and the Internet. To connect a GEALOG SG measuring station to the Internet only some few actions are necessary. The station can communicate both via landlines or also wireless using the GPRS system or UMTS, etc. The data transfer to the network centre is done using standard Internet protocols. The internal real-time clock is synchronized by NTP-time servers. Maintenance is done using GEALOG SG´s integrated Web-server. GEALOG SG´s firmware supports the DynDNS protocol. So there is no need for a permanent IP-address.

GEALOG SG is the most flexible datalogger on the market. GEALOG SG uses pluggable measuring interfaces as interfaces to the sensors, giving a maximum flexibility regarding type and number of connectable sensors. From a simple water level station with pressure sensor or radar sensor to complex weather stations with remote substations for aviation or traffic meteorology reaches the range of applications.

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Produktvarianten/Product variants

  • Gealog SG Alphanumerisch: 2 zeiliges Display mit je 40 Zeichen
  • Gealog SG Graphik TFT: Color TFT Display