Automatic Weather Station


Weather stations according to WMO standards for permanent observation.

Logotronic weather stations are built according to a modular principle. This modularity allows a variety of different measuring instruments to be connected to the weather station. The stations are designed for all-year outdoor use even under harsh conditions. Please feel free to contact us for individual consultation.

Portable Automatic Weather Station


Flexible solutions for measuring meteorological parameters.

Our portable weather stations are designed for quick disassembly and transport. Nevertheless, they have the same high quality and are equal in scope to stationary units.

Gealog TG


State of the art data logger.

The Gealog TG offers a wide range of functions for collecting your measurement data. Alarm functions in case of exceeding/falling below a limit value as well as freely configurable calculated measured values. The measurement data are transmitted either via mobile radio or Ethernet, but can also be read out directly on the device via USB. Furthermore, the Gealog TG offers an optional full graphic display for easy configuration of the unit. The internal time is synchronised via NTP. Sensors can be connected to the data logger via RS485, RS232 or SDI-12 interface. With the Gealog measuring interfaces you can connect all common sensors to the Gealog TG. The IQC (integrated quality control system) ensures consistent data directly in the data logger. The data logger is used in the scientific field, for long-term monitoring and in automatic measuring stations in hydrology and meteorology. Due to its low power consumption, it can be operated by battery or solar panel in remote locations and is thus independent of the rest of the infrastructure.

Gealog Net

GEALOGnet overview

Data visualisation in our web portal.

Gealog Net is the online solution for visualising and managing your measurement data. Your measurement data is displayed in a modern web application. Hydrographs and tables are created in panels and are freely configurable. Several panels can be arranged in any order on a dashboard, so you can quickly get an overview of your collected data. In your personal account you have no limit regarding the number of dashboards, so it is possible for you to create your own dashboard for each type of analysis, which you can access immediately if required and which does not require any further effort. The measurement data can also be exported directly from Gealog Net as a CSV file and can be directly imported in this form by most programmes. Alarms can be defined directly in the programme, so you immediately receive a notification by mail if, for example, a limit value has been exceeded.


Projects from the field of meteorology.

TAWES, the Austrian meteorological monitoring network

Thermal rating for infrastructure operators

Ripe stations for motorway operators

Flying weather for Austro Control

Portable automatic weather station for the research sector