Austrian national meteorological monitoring network – TAWES


In 2005, the modernization or re-equipment of the Austrian meteorological measurement network was put out to tender. In total, the so-called TAWES measuring network comprises approx. 300 fully automatic measuring stations. Following an international call for tenders, Logotronic was awarded the contract to carry out this project.

Technical solution:

  • WMO compatible registration of all measured values
  • Station Manager Gealog SG
  • Remote data transmission to the central servers via mobile radio, ADSL, TUS, satellite, …
    redundant transmissions
  • Battery buffered power supply with 1 week backup time
  • Flexible equipment of the weather stations regarding sensor technology
  • Flexible station configuration due to highly modular measuring system to ensure long-term use

Advantages for the customer:

  • Safeguarding the investment through modularity of the measuring system
  • Low maintenance costs due to high quality system components
  • Easy adaptation to new sensor and RDT technologies possible