We are specialists for environmental measurement systems

Tell us your environmental measurement task, we will find an optimal solution for you.

Our specialties:

  • meteorological measurement
  • Hydrometry
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Measurement technology for research projects
  • IT security for measurement networks
  • Data transmission via the Internet (wired, mobile, wireless)
  • Acquisition of video data at measuring points
  • Establishment of central databases for measured values and video data
  • Visualization of measurement data in web portals

The technical realization of your measurement task is always worked out holistically, from the optimal sensor and station equipment to the optimal form of data transmission to the central database with visualization of your measurement data and, if necessary, alarm functions.
Since, in addition to our function as a system integrator, we are also a developer and producer, we can also offer solutions for special tasks.

Our adaptive measurement concept

For the integration of different sensors we use our modular measuring interface system. The measuring interfaces communicate via the standardized Gealog RS485 field bus, a serial bus based on RS485 standard. This concept results in numerous advantages for our customers:

  • Almost unlimited capacity in terms of the number of connected sensors. The measuring interfaces are simply connected in parallel to the RS485 bus together with the sensors. The measuring interfaces can be installed directly next to the data logger, resulting in a "classic data logger setup", or remotely in external sensor stations.
  • Flexibility
    Easy expansion of the system by adding sensors with the appropriate measuring interfaces. The same applies to the replacement of sensors.
  • High computing power through parallel processing
    Each measuring interface works independently with one or more microcontrollers and performs local preprocessing of the sensor data. The data logger itself receives the pre-processed data without the need for "high speed calculation". (e.g. the "Gealog Measuring Interface Wind" performs locally all statistical calculations at a sampling rate of two seconds - vector mean, standard deviation, arithmetic mean).
  • Remote sensor locations
    The Gealog RS485 fieldbus is specified up to several hundred meters in length. This means that Gealog measurement interfaces can be installed together with the sensor far away from the data logger. Due to the fully digital data transmission, there can be no falsification of the measured value. The fieldbus can be perfectly protected against overvoltages on both the data logger and sensor sides. This setup can be used advantageously for e.g. a weather station with remote precipitation sensor or an additional remote water level sensor.
  • Highly adaptable system, investment security
    One of Logotronic's tasks is to continuously expand the number of connectable sensor types. A new sensor can be easily integrated into the Gealog system by designing a specific measurement interface, which is usually done within a few days. Once the new measuring interface is ready, all functions of the Gealog data loggers are also available for the new sensor. Integration into existing measurement networks is possible without changing the existing structures. The basic investment of the measuring station can be used for many years. Our principle is "evolution", not new acquisition.


Logotronic supplies high quality professional automatic weather stations for all meteorology applications.

  • Fixed stations
    • Climatology
    • Synoptics
    • Thermal Rating
    • Tourism
    • Aviation
  • portable weather stations
    • Forschungsinstitute
    • Expert activities
    • Event-Wetter
  • Compact weather stations
    • Thermal Rating
    • Traffic Meteorology
    • Snow observation
    • Natural Hazard Management


Logotronic is one of the pioneers in the sector of electronic measurement technology for hydrographic measurement tasks. We are happy to put this extensive experience at your disposal.

  • Groundwater and surface water, level, conductivity,temperature
  • Specialized in source monitoring with unrivaled precision of conductivity measurement
  • Flood alerting, natural hazard management
  • Discharge measurement technique (salt dilution method)

Water quality monitoring

We integrate selected water quality sensors into the Gealog system. Especially with our partner Eureka we integrate multiparameter probes into our automatic measuring stations.

Measurement parameters:

  • Water temperature
  • Conductivity
  • pH value
  • Redox potential
  • Dissolved oxygen
  • Turbidity
  • Algae
  • Chlorophyll
  • CDOM (Colored Dissolved Organic Matter)