Groundwater monitoring during tunnel construction


A large, alpine tunnel construction site always requires long-term monitoring of groundwater conditions. In this particular case, probe holes were drilled more than 500m deep into the rock down to the level of the tunnel drive. The measuring point itself was partly set up in densely forested areas, mobile phone coverage was available.

Technical solution

  • Conducting radio tests to determine mobile phone coverage in the project area.
  • Level measurement with pressure probes, absolute pressure measurement up to 50bar
  • Data collector Gealog SG with alkaline battery pack. Operating time with one battery pack > 1 year
  • Remote data transmission via mobile network with Gealog GSM/GPRS modem
  • Data transfer to customer ftp server
  • Maintenance contract

Advantages for the customer

  • Lowest power consumption of the Gealog measuring system enables pure battery operation. By waiving solar power supply assembly possible even in dense forest.