After intensive development work, we now present our latest product, the trend-setting Gealog micro SG for level/conductivity and temperature measurement with integrated IoT modem.

  • Depending on the probe used, measurement of level / conductivity / water temperature or only level / water temperature
  • Easy configuration using the GealogApp application.
  • Data transfer to an FTP server at programmable time intervals. Local measured value memory for buffering the measured data.
  • Visualization of measurement data in the web browser using the GealogNet database.
  • Data transfer unencrypted (FTP) or encrypted using FTPS.
  • Use of the latest mobile technologies LTE CAT-M1 or LTE N1 (NB-IoT)
  • Long battery life through the use of sophisticated energy-saving methods.
  • High quality durable waterproof design by using stainless steel case. High corrosion resistance due to the use of a seawater-resistant stainless steel grade.
  • Various mounting options due to intelligent housing design with mounting options for mounting brackets and plates.