The operation of an airport requires, among many other things, the recording of various meteorological parameters in order to be able to handle the movements of the aircraft optimally and, above all, safely. Many detailed regulations are issued by international (ICAO) and national (Austro Control) civil aviation organizations. The aim of this meteorological data acquisition is to provide air traffic controllers and aircraft pilots with error-free information almost in real time.

Technical solution

In this environment, Logotronic has supplied high quality weather stations for all of Austria's international airports, providing not only current measurement data but also a wide variety of diagnostic data. Due to duplicated sensors, a faulty measured value is diagnosed immediately, even before the measured value is released for further processing. Misinformation to aircraft and air traffic control is thus effectively prevented. Redundant data transmission paths ensure operationally necessary data communication even in the event of subsystem failure.

Advantages for the customer

  • Smooth operation at the airport in accordance with national and international regulations.