Frost-prediction stations for highway operators


Winter maintenance poses major challenges for the organizations responsible for keeping roads in perfect condition. On the basis of meteorological forecasts, it is necessary to plan in time the use of winter service vehicles, both in terms of timing and the amount of de-icing materials. By means of comprehensive measurement technology as well as the integration of various data sources, a system was implemented that generates accurate forecasts for the expected amounts of ice on the roadway and thus provides the emergency planners with an accurate basis for decision-making.

Technical solution

Logotronic supplied measuring stations in the project, which, in addition to various meteorological parameters, determine the weight of the deposited ice on a measuring plate. This sensor was specially developed by Logotronic for this measurement task. The measurement is made by direct weight measurement using a high-precision weighing load cell. At programmable intervals, the measuring plate is cleaned by rotating it to the vertical position and defrosting it. To assess the precipitation, the measuring plate is observed by a video camera. The video images are transmitted to the control center with high temporal resolution or direct access to the camera which is also possible in streaming mode. All measurement data is transmitted via mobile radio to the central expert system, which subsequently generates the forecasts and visualizes the data in all operations centers.

Advantages for the customer

  • Increased traffic safety through timely warning of special situations
  • Planning reliability through objective decision-making bases
  • Cost savings through optimization of the use of de-icing materials