Thermal Rating for Infrastructure Operators


Transmission of electrical energy over long distances is one of the most challenging issues in the development of national infrastructures. The operators of the national high-voltage grids are caught between the need to provide sufficient energy everywhere in the future, e.g. at electricity charging stations, and the preservation of natural landscapes. Today, the construction of new high-voltage lines is subject to a wide variety of requirements and is associated with high costs. It is therefore a top priority to make maximum use of the existing infrastructure.

Technical solution

One way to do this is with the so-called thermal rating. The limiting factor for the maximum power to be transmitted over a high-voltage line is the rope temperature. It is clear that at low air temperatures and strong winds, much more energy can flow through the line than in summer when there is no wind. Logotronic has supplied complex weather stations for the project of a large operator of high-voltage networks, which record the relevant meteorological parameters at the highest qualitative and technical level at various, carefully selected measuring locations and transmit them online to the operational data acquisition system. Based on this measurement data, the rope temperature is then periodically predicted over the entire course of the high-voltage line. The forecasts are used directly to control the transmitted energy. Various adaptations to existing protocols and installation standards were carried out by Logotronic in the process. A maintenance contract includes both periodic preventive maintenance and the performance of repairs in the event of a fault.

Advantages for the customer

  • High-quality meteorological measured values as a basis for the operation of the high-voltage grid.
  • Highest availability of the measuring network through the use of high-quality components and precisely planned maintenance procedures.
  • Optimal utilization of existing high-voltage lines